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Aktuelle Termine

ISAGA 2023 Conference (La Rochelle F, Tue-Fri 4.-7. July 2023)

The theme of the 54th ISAGA conference is "Simulation and Gaming for Social and Environmental Transition". The conference is being held in La Rochelle under the umbrella of ISAGA (International Simulation and Gaming Association). The ISAGA 2023 conference is organized by La Rochelle University - LIENSs laboratory. The laboratory has a long tradition in simulation and gaming (more).

Workshop: postfossilCities – The Game for a Post-fossil Future (La Rochelle, July 2023, submitted)

After having presented an early prototype of the game at ISAGA 2019, this workshop presents the result of the five-year development project. Thereby, we would like to experience the game, provide the players with the opportunity to learn about their possibilities for climate action and acquire feedbacks for further adaptations of the game. Further, we intend to strengthen the network among game developers and facilitators interested in the topic of climate change and sustainability with this workshop. Andreas Gerber (Empa St. Gallen) and Markus Ulrich (UCS Ulrich Creative Simulations, Zurich).

Thematic Session: How to Generate Impact with Sustainability Games? (La Rochelle, July 2023, submitted)

As game developers and facilitators are constantly confronted with the question on "how to best generate impacts with sustainability games?". In this workshop, we hope to bring together people who share the same question and would like to exchange ideas, approaches and "standards of good practice" that can be applied to improve the impact we generate with our games. As sustainability is a very pressing topic – in terms of both, depth and speed of urgent transformations – and we believe that games can contribute to finding solutions, we think that this workshop raises an important question where the participants can gain relevant insights. Andreas Gerber and Sven Bos (Empa, St. Gallen, Switzerland), Hannah Wiemers (Project zirkulierbar.de, HNEE Eberswalde, Germany) and Markus Ulrich (UCS Ulrich Creative Simulations, Zurich).

Business Simulation napuro, Schnupper-Workshop

napuro ist die Business Simulation für Unternehmerische Nachhaltigkeit und CSR.
Schnupper-Workshops (3 Stunden) werden in Zürich und anderen Orten (CH / D / A) durchgeführt.
Zielgruppe: Personalentwickler/-innen, Nachhaltigkeitsverantwortliche und Führungskräfte in Unternehmen und Institutionen, Studiengangsleiter/-innen an Universitäten und Hochschulen (Wirtschaft, Ingenieurwesen, Kommunikation, weitere Studienrichtungen). Anmeldung.


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